The Balthazar package is the ultimate solution for increasing profits front of house, turning wine into a valuable asset within your business. Combining comprehensive food and wine pairing with practical wine sales training, we deliver a bespoke programme fully customised for driving beverage sales in your business.

9 hours (Including breaks, normally split over 2 half days).


Wine and our Senses. We look at the interplay between sight, taste, touch and smell and how they are all important in relation to wine.

Old World and New. The difference between regions around the world and what we need to remember when talking about the two.

Stickies and Sparkling. Dessert and sparkling wines and key terms for both.

The wine detective. Deciphering bottles, closures and labels. What can a wine bottle tell us about the contents before we even taste it? Very useful when someone asks about a wine we haven’t yet tried!

Wine handling. Temperatures, cork removal, glass choices and decanting. The do’s and don’ts of wine service.

Together we explore the primary tastes experienced in wines using your very own your wine list. With practical experiments delving into Acidity, Sweetness, Bitterness and Alcohol your team will learn how to identify these characteristics generally and then how to use this information as a tool to make recommendations to guests.

Breaking down the thousands of different foods into groups that share certain similarities and then exploring why certain wine characteristics work well with these groups.

A practical workshop using foods from your own menu we put into practice the concepts from the previous modules to discover which pairings work, which ones don’t and why.

  • Wine Taste Workshop.
  • Sticky and Sparkling.
  • Old World and New.
  • The Wine Detective.
  • Wine Handling.
  • Food Groups.
  • Food and Wine Pairing.

This useful tool is perfect as a quick reference guide for use by any member of staff to help recommend wine to a customer or to help direct upselling.

Complete wine sales training with a step by step guide to recognising the opportunities to maximimse consumption and upselling. Key words to utilise when describing wine, key actions to take to guarantee success at the table side.

Vin d’Am will work with your management team to provide a fully bespoke action plan implementing the new tools learnt from the training programme and helping to ensure maximum return as fast as possible.

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